Botucatu is a city in the southeastern region of Brazil and is located 224.8 km from São Paulo,the Capital of the State of São Paulo. The population is 139,483 (2015 est.) in an area of 1,482.64 km2 (572 sq mi). It lies on top of a plateau (804 meters high). Botucatu became a municipality in 1855, and a city in 1876.

The region has humid-subtropical weather, with dry winters and hot summers. During winter the temperature rarely falls below 2 °C (36 °F). During most of the year, mainly at night, a breeze blowing over São Paulo plateau, from which Botucatu elevates about 200 m, cools the city and surroundings.

Botucatu's biggest employer is UNESP, one of the three São Paulo state universities. In particular, the city has two campuses, one centered on biomedical sciences, including a school of medicine, an Institute of Biosciences and school of veterinarian sciences, and the other centered on agricultural sciences. The leading industrial company is Embraer through a subsidiary Neiva, that has a multipurpose plant there but primarily the manufacture of EMB 201 "Ipanemao" crop spraying aircraft. Along with Rondonópolis and Ribeiro Preto it is one of the centers of the large Brazilian airborne spraying industry. The city has also two bus bodyworks builders, the Brazilian Induscar and the Basque Irizar. Besides UNESP, there are other private colleges.

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CNPJ 97.837.181/0001-47. A Publicly Listed Company. MATERIAL FACT. SALE OF LAND AND FORESTS AND. SHUTDOWN OF BOTUCATU PLANT (SP). DURATEX S.A ... and Bracell SP Celulose Ltda ... The Company also announces the permanent shutdown of the operation of wood panel production in Botucatu plant, whose operation has been suspended since November 2018 ... DURATEX S.A....

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